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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Today, research studies for prevention of dental diseases are becoming more important. Restorative dentistry is a scientific discipline and a dental speciality which focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all problems affecting the dental hard tissues, whether related with bacteria or not, and the aesthetical complaints.

Restorative Dentistry deals with the treatment of decayed, worn, sensitive, broken and discolored teeth, teeth with tissue anomaly and diastemas, and it seeks to reestablish the function and aesthetic of these teeth. Restorative Dentistry includes various fields such as operative and restorative dentistry, tooth decay, preventive dentistry and aesthetic or cosmetics dentistry.

Besides the early diagnosis of tooth decay and treatment planning, conservative treatment procedures, composite and amalgam restorations, vital tooth whitening; the computer aided aesthetical dentistry applications (CAD-CAM), ceramic restorations (inlays-onlays) and composite or ceramic dental laminates are performed in the clinics of Department of Restorative Dentistry.

Treatment services provided in the Clinics of Restorative Dentistry Department in our Hospital include:

  • Amalgam, composite and glass ionomer fillings (anterior and posterior teeth)
  • Direct/indirect composite and ceramic aesthetic restorations (inlay, onlay and dental laminates)
  • Smile designing
  • Aesthetical approaches in case of traumas and broken teeth
  • Vital tooth bleaching
  • Treatment of dentin sensitivity
  • Vital pulpal treatments
  • Pre-prosthetic restorations
  • Conservative dental treatments for geriatric and oncology patient groups
  • Caries preventive applications for adults