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Patient Rights

Patient should fullfill following responsibilities after admission to a healthcare facility or organization or any other institution where healthcare services are rendered.

a) Responsibility of obeying the rules of healthcare facility or organization where patient is admitted to

1. Patient needs to obey the rules and regulations of the healthcare facility or organization where patient is admitted to, providing that they are not contrary to patient rights.

2. Patient should obey the referral chain determined by Ministry of Health and Social Insurance Institution, if any.

3. If patient requests healthcare service from any healthcare facility or organization, which works based on appointment through central appointment system or self-contained appointment system, patient should attend the appointment or inform facility about relevant changes.

4. The patient should cover the loss resulting from bringing damage to equipment, tools, medical devices and materials of healthcare facility.

b) Responsibilities for Personnel

1. Patient should respect all employees working at Healthcare Facility where patient is admitted to.

2. Patient should follow the instructions given by personnel, who is responsible for security of healthcare facility, and avoid actions that would hinder general security.

3. Patient needs to observe other patients’ rights during administrative procedures like admission etc.

4. Patient should clearly and completely inform healthcare practitioners about complaints, previous diseases and disorders, history of hospitalization, all current mediations and all details about the health condition.

5. After informed consent is obtained, patient should be in cooperation with health professionals for every kind of procedure and intervention to be performed during treatment, care and rehabilitation period.

6. Patient should follow general cleaning and hygiene requirements of healthcare facility and make things easier for cleaning worker.

7. In case patient is admitted to Emergency Medicine Department, patient should abide by the decision made by health Professional and determined triage level about whether the condition is  life-threatening or worsens.

8. Patient should not misstate when applying to Patient Rights-Social Service Units.

C) Responsibility of following therapeutic recommendations

1. The patient should carefully listen to treatment and medication recommendations and should ask any and all unclear points.

2. Patient should also inform the healthcare practitioners, if the patient will not possibly follow therapeutic recommendations.

3. Patient should clearly express whether the patient correctly understands the healthcare and post-discharge care plan.

4. Patient will be personally responsible all outcomes of refusing the treatment and failing to fulfill recommendations.

5. Patients should not demand anything that would violate medical ethics, relevant regulation and social ethics from health professionals.

d) Other Responsibilities

1. Patient should timely inform details about health condition, social insurance and personal details.

2. Patients should not make derogatory and accusative statements publicly against health professionals and healthcare facilities without based on concrete case or documents.

3. Patients should accept their visitors in the fragment of rules that are determined by health institution.

4. Within scope of general responsibilities, patients should do the best for caring their own health, follow advices made for a healthy life, care themselves in simple conditions and donate blood or organ if possible.